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Moab Trail Marathon,
Half Marathon
and 5K Adventure Run

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2014 Trail Marathon National Championship




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Detailed Route Description:

Marathon: Starting at the Pritchett Canyon entrance, proceed up Pritchett Canyon Jeep Road (5.7 miles) connecting to Hunter Canyon Rim Trail (1.8 miles), proceeding along the Hunter Canyon Rim single-track trail and down to Kane Creek Road (2.1 miles). Turn left and head south on Kane Creek Road to the Hunter Canyon trail (1.3 miles). Continue 1 mile up the canyon and turn around and come back out. Then continue south on Kane Creek Road (1/2 mile). Turn right and head up the “Scorched Earth Wall” trail toward Hurrah Pass (1.3 miles). Once atop the rim, continue generally north on the jeep trail, with turns to singletrack, then canyon bottom which eventually connects to Amasa Back jeep trail (3. 8 miles). Turn left onto Amasa Back Trail. Continuing up Amasa Back Trail for about 1 mile, then turn right onto the Jackson Trail singletrack, continuing down to the Kane Creek Parking Lot (1.8 miles). Continue through the aid station at Kane Creek Parking lot and back into Pritchett Canyon. 50 meters into the canyon, head up and out of the canyon onto a shelf using a ladder and rope (.4 mile) then follow the Shelf Trail that parallels the south side of Kane Creek Road and then exiting and crossing Kane Creek Road (2.3 miles). Continue through Kane Creek Campground (West) returning to the Kane Creek Parking lot finish area (1.7 miles).

½ Marathon: Start at the Pritchett Canyon entrance, proceed up Pritchett Canyon trail (5.7 miles) connecting to Hunter Canyon Rim trail (1.8 miles), proceeding along the Hunter Canyon rim single-track and down to Kane Creek Road (2.1 miles). Cross the road and continue through the Kane Creek Canyon drainage (2.8 miles) back toward the finish, exiting the drainage at the Amasa Back Parking lot and follow Kane Creek Road to the finish (.6 miles) at Jackson Trail Parking Lot (also known as Kane Creek Parking Lot).

5K: Not your ordinary 5K! This adventure run/walk features natural and manmade obstacles including running through an arch, through a cave, use of hand-line to go down a small cliff, two creek crossings, running through a gigantic culvert, crossing a sand pit, over a rock maze, completing a cross-word puzzle, and other FUN and Exciting obstacles. No special skills required.

Location of Feed/Aid Stations (for Marathon and Half Marathon Course):

  1. Pritchett Canyon and Hunter Rim Road intersection (mile point 5.7)
  2. Hunter Canyon Rim Trailhead (at campground on Kane Creek Road at Gatherer Canyon) (mile point 9.6)
  3. Hunter Canyon entrance/exit at trailhead parking lot (point 10.9 and 11.9)
  4. "Taz's Canyon" at bottom of slickrock scramble (mile point 15.9)
  5. Amasa Back Road and Jackson Trail junction (mile point 18.7)
  6. Kane Creek Parking Lot (near finish at mile 21.3 of the marathon)
  7. "Nelson's Driveway" (23.8 & 25 mile points)

Feed/Aid Stations will be equipped with water, sports drink, energy gels and bars, fruit and salty and sweet snacks. Also, first-aid kit and an evacuation vehicle and communications.

Due to the remote location and rugged terrain of the course, vehicles are not able to access the route with food and water other than at these locations. Please carry your own water/food if you think you'll need it!




An unforgettable voyage through some of the
world’s most scenic and unique lands. Try it.
This event is sanctioned by USA Track & Field and
will serve as the Trail Half Marathon National Championship
and will support the Project Athena Foundation .

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