More Parking and Shuttle Information (click here for printing this section)

Saturday Shuttle: Shuttle leave from HMK Elementary School at the bus pick-up/drop-off area on the SOUTH SIDE of the school (W. 400 North, between the school and the rec center). Participants may either walk from their accommodations in town or may park at the Elementary School Parking Lot or at any designated parking spots around Swanny Park/Rec Center/Churches/city streets near HMK Elementary. The first shuttle leaves at 5:45am and shuttles will be running until 8:45am. We suggest you pick up your shuttle at the following times:

Marathoners: between 5:45 and 7am
Half Marathoners: between 7 and 8am
Kids K: 7:45-8am
5K: 8-8:45am
*Note that if you miss your wave start due to a backup at the shuttles, you can start in a different wave with no penalty. Just let our timing crew know. Those going for overall top 5 should be sure to catch the shuttle on time or use the on-site parking as overall winner is determined by ‘gun’ time not ‘chip time.

Sunday Shuttle: Please park On-Site on Sunday if at all possible! We will only have a couple shuttles from town on Sunday. If you cannot get to the start/finish area on Sunday and need a shuttle from town; please email to make a shuttle reservation.

On-Site Parking: Head out Kane Creek Road for about 2.5-3 miles and you will see “Event Parking” signs on the right. Follow the directions of the parking marshals and please park as tight and efficiently as possible. Be careful NOT to park on the race course route, which is marked with pennant flagging (don’t pull-in under the pennant flagging, please.)

VIP Parking: VIP parking is sold out. Those who purchased VIP parking will be mailed a pass, which needs to be placed in your dash and possibly ‘waved’ at the parking marshals so they can help direct you to the proper VIP lot. You will go past the on-site parking lots and past the start/finish venue and pull into the lot just past the start/finish venue, which is the Kane Creek Parking Lot. You will then need to park just ‘below’ the portopotties, as directed by the parking marshal. Note that the section ‘above’ the portopotties is reserved for day-use (non-race) parking.

Drop-Off: If someone is going to drop you off and spectate then you will need to purchase an on-site parking pass and you all can park in the “Event Parking” lots. If someone is going to drop you off then go back to town; then they should drop you off in one of two locations: 1. On the left side of the road at any spot with a good shoulder to turnaround. We suggest the pull-out next to the Stone Ruin, which you will see on the left side of Kane Creek Road about 2.5-3 miles out. Or 2. Upper Kane Creek parking lot: go past the event parking and past the start/finish venue and pull into the lot just after the venue. You will need to let the parking marshals know that you are dropping off a runner. If you don’t want to tell them all that you are dropping off a runner then use a pullout on the left side to drop off your runner. Make drop-off snappy (runners need to be ready to hop out)! Note that if you are dropping someone off and pull into the Event Parking Lot, it will be really hard to get back out since all the participants will be coming in (which is why we suggest dropping off on the left side of the road.)