Additional Shuttle & Drop Off Information

Race Day Shuttles leave from HMK Elementary School (505 N. Mivida Dr) at the bus pick-up/drop off area on the South side of the school, along 400 East, across from the Rec Center. Participants may either walk from their accommodations in town or may park at the school, around Swanny Park, along the street, or in designated lots near the school. Please do not park in private property.

Please arrive in time to park and load the shuttle during your designated shuttle time. If you are late, you may miss your start wave.

Please bring either your race bib, which will have your shuttle time on the back label OR bring a copy of your race confirmation, which will also have your shuttle time. No bib or confirmation means that you may have to wait until a later shuttle when a seat is available.

Shuttles will drop off and pick up at the Pritchett Canyon entrance. After you finish the race and get some food you can walk to the Pritchett Canyon entrance to catch the shuttle back to town.

NO onsite or VIP Parking. If anything changes we will let you know. As of now the private property owner has plans to develop on the land where we have parked in the past. We do not have permission to use the land at this time.

Drop Off’s: If someone is going to drop you off at the start, note that they cannot park to stay and watch the start. They will need to drive back to town and catch a shuttle later in the morning to watch the finish. Please drop off on one of two general locations:

  1. On a pull-out on the left side of the road with a good shoulder to turn around. We suggest at the stone ruin about 2.5 or 3 miles out Kane Creek Road. There are other pull-outs on the left side of the road before the venue that will work also. It’s a short, nice, warm-up walk to the start; and you will not create a back-up for the shuttles if you drop of on the left side of the road before the start/finish area.
  2. At upper Kane Creek parking lot. You can pull into the lot just beyond the start/finish venue to drop off runners. Note that the road will be closed for 2-3 minutes every 5 minutes between 7:45 and 8am and between 10-10:35am for waves of runners starting their race. Allow extra time to accommodate the other runners also trying to get to the start. You can NOT park here– this is a drop off zone only. This is last choice drop off zone. If possible, please drop off at an earlier location on the left side of the road so that it will help everyone out so that there are not both cars and runners on this section of road.

Do NOT drop off at the Pritchett Canyon entrance. This is where the shuttles will be dropping off participants and they need the space to turn around. Thank you.

Pick-up after the race: There is currently no cell phone service at the start/finish area so participants will need to make their best guess on what time they will finish. Friend/family member can return at this time and wait in the Kane Creek parking lot for their runner so they can give them a ride back. Remember that it usually takes at least 25% longer than expected to finish this course. As an option, runners may catch the shuttle back to town after they finish, and then call to be picked up in town.

Spectators: Due to limited parking availability we cannot allow spectators at the start. We will shuttle spectators to watch the finish free of charge starting at 10:20am on Saturday and 8:45am on Sunday. This allows spectators to be there when their runner finishes and they can take the shuttle back together. There will be a question on your registration form where you can let us know how many spectators will be taking the shuttle to watch you finish. We are looking to get a better idea of what to expect for the shuttle numbers, so keep this in mind and thank you for helping us out.

Warm-ups/stuff for start and finish: we will have an area where you can leave your ‘stuff’ while you are out racing. DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES! This area will not be secured/monitored. We will keep the general public out, but runners will be allowed in. Please label your stuff and bring a unique, cheap bag to hold your stuff (so you can spot your stuff and so it’s not too disappointing if someone else grabs your bag instead of theirs). We’ve never had any issues with theft in the past, but…. Stuff left behind will be donated to the Wabi Sabi Thrift Store one month after the race, if not claimed.