Moab Trail Marathon,
Half Marathon,
10K Adventure Run
and Kids K

Race Dates: November 2nd & 3rd, 2024.
Registration Opens March 1st, 2024.
2024 USATF Trail Half Marathon National Championships!
Host of the Collegiate Trail Running Championships 2024!

An unforgettable voyage through some of the world’s most scenic and unique lands. Try it!

Course Description:

Marathon: Starting at the Pritchett Canyon entrance, proceed up Pritchett Canyon Trail (5.7 miles of rugged jeep track) connecting to Hunter Canyon Rim Trail (1.8 miles), proceeding along the Hunter Canyon Rim single-track trail and down to Kane Creek Road (2.2 miles). Turn left and head south on Kane Creek Dirt Road to the Hunter Canyon singletrack trail (1.3 miles). Continue 1 mile up the canyon and turn around and come back out. Then continue south on Kane Creek Road (1 mile). Turn right and head up the “Scorched Earth Wall”. Once atop the rim, continue generally north on the faint jeep trail, which turns to singletrack, then slickrock, then off-track canyon bottom. Then turn left on the ‘Captain Ahab’ singletrack for 2.3 miles to Amasa Back jeep trail, continuing for about 1.5 miles where the jeep trail will turn into the ‘Rockstacker’ singletrack/slickrock and loop back for about a mile along the canyon rim. Rockstacker turns into the Jackson Trail singletrack, which descends down the canyon wall alongside the Colorado river and into the Kane Creek drainage (1.8 miles). Continue across Kane Creek to the finish line which is just one short steep hill, less than 1/4 mile away.

½ Marathon: Start at the Pritchett Canyon entrance, proceed up Pritchett Canyon trail (5.7 miles) connecting to Hunter Canyon Rim trail (1.8 miles), proceeding along the Hunter Canyon Rim single-track and down to Kane Creek Road (2.2 miles). Turn right and continue up the infamous Kane Road switchbacks for about a mile, then back down to the Hymasa singletrack into the depths of Kane Creek drainage. Continue for 1 mile in the drainage, exiting at the Amasa Back parking lot for another ½ mile dirt road before the final ½ mile of singletrack with two crossings of Kane Creek before the finish.

10K: We are excited to offer a 10K for the first time in 2023! This course starts on a dirt road for about ¾ mile with vertical walls on both sides, including the ‘Tombstone’ rock where you might see base jumpers taking the leap. It then descends into a small canyon and crawls out and up up up the Amasa Back jeep road, or “Cliffhanger” as it’s better known. You will reach the aid station at the top, about mile 3. Then you will run along the edge of a cliff looking down into the Jackson Hole with glimpses of the Colorado River. Stay away from the edge if you’re afraid of heights, it’s spooky in places. The fun starts as you descend Jackson Trail, a narrow singletrack along the edge of a beautiful canyon with views of the Colorado River and the finish line below. Be careful on this trail, it’s amazing but exposed. One last crossing of Kane Creek and a short steep hill and you’ll arrive at the finish.

Kids K: Kids love it! Parents love it! This is an adventure 1k, not your ordinary dash. There’s a gradual uphill to an arch and cave that’s the kids will run through. Then a steep technical decent to a deep drainage, then a run through the drainage to a ‘tunnel’, down a ladder, across a bridge, through the ‘jungle’ and up a short steep hill to the finish. Challenging for kids, but so much fun.


Map of Marathon
Topo Map

Location of Feed/Aid Stations (for Marathon and Half Marathon Course):

  1. Pritchett Canyon and Hunter Rim Road intersection, mile point 5.7, Full and Half Marathon Courses
  2. Hunter Canyon Rim Trailhead (at campground on Kane Creek Road at Gatherer Canyon), At mile point 9.7 of Full and Half Marathon
  3. Cattleguard at turn to Scorched Earth Wall: At mile point 13.3 of Marathon only.
  4. “Taz’s Canyon” at bottom of slickrock scramble at mile point 17.3 of Marathon only
  5. Intersection of Captain Ahab Trail and Amasa Back Road. **This is also the only aid station along the 10K. At mile point 3 of the 10k and 20.6 of the marathon.
  6. Junction of Rockstacker and Jackson Trail at marathon mile 24.1: limited supply station– 8oz water and 1 Gu per person limit.
  7. Amasa Back Parking lot, ***Half-Marathon Only, mile point 12.2 of Half-Marathon.

Feed/Aid Stations will be equipped with water, Tailwind, GU’s, various fruity, salty, and sweet snack options, bars, oranges, bananas, Coke, and electrolytes. Also, basic first-aid supplies, an evacuation vehicle and communication ability.

Due to the remote location and rugged terrain of the course, vehicles are not able to access the route with food and water other than at these locations. Please carry your own water/food if you think you’ll need it!

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