Choosing your wave start time

Please note that you will not be assessed a penalty for choosing the ‘wrong’wave, but rather for not ‘starting’the race in the wave you choose/have been assigned. Other than a few exceptions you willbeassigned thewave youchoose and that start wave#will be noted on your race bib. So;if you are assigned and start the race in wave 1 but end up finishing last you will not be assessed the 30 min penalty. If you are assigned and startin wave 5 and end up finishing with the topten you will not be assessedthe 30 min penalty. You just need to start with the wave which you are assigned. You can then run whatever pace you like and will not be assessed a penalty. If you are assigned to wave 4, but decide to start with wave 2 instead; then you will be assessed the 30 min.penalty (even if you run the pace of the other wave 2ers). If you would like, you may change your start wave #up until the week before the race using the “manage my registration”tab on If wake up race morning and feel really slow or really fast, please don’t panic and change waves–instead pleasestart in your assigned wave and do your best. You may have to pass a few extra, or get passed by a few. That’s ok, were just attempting to generally spread out the field on the trail. It is more important that you start with the wave that your timingchip has been assignedforyou. The goal of the wave starts is to spread the runners out along the trail, which some of it is singletrack. We have found that participants are typically very good about judging their pace and assigningthemselves to the correct wave;as well it is the easiest system. As long as it keeps workingwe will not requireseeingprevious results to assign waves.Thanks for your cooperation. See you at the start!