Moab Trail Marathon,
Half Marathon,
10K Adventure Run
and Kids K

Race Dates: November 2nd & 3rd, 2024.
Registration Opens March 1st, 2024.
2024 USATF Trail Half Marathon National Championships!
Host of the Collegiate Trail Running Championships 2024!

An unforgettable voyage through some of the world's most scenic and unique lands. Try it.

Pre-Race Information

Saturdays Event is limited to: 700 marathoners, 700 ½marathoners, and 200 5kers. Sunday’s ½marathon is open to 700 participants. We expect Saturdays Event to full up by July, so sign up soon! If you’re already signed up, Congratulations! You’re in for an incredible journey!

Pre-race check in/packet pick-up at the race venue/start&finish area at Kane Creek Parking Lot: Between 2pm – 6pm on Friday November 5th. Please follow the parking attendants’ directions/instructions. And we encourage you to not all show up right at 2pm—please spread yourself out so we don’t have too much congestion right at 2.

You can also check in on the morning of your race between 6:45am-8am. But, we recommend that you check in early! If you check in on Friday you will receive a Milt’s coupon for a free shake or fries!
Please see below for directions to packet pick-up at the race venue and start/finish area.

Be prepared for packet pick-up: Please bring your online confirmation and photo ID; then you will get your race number with a timing chip on it and your race t-shirt and goodie bag. You may pick up t-shirt and goodie bag for friend or family who is not racing, but you cannot pick up others bib numbers. Please allow for an additional 5-15 min walk to the Start/Finish area, where you can pick-up your number, chip, and t-shirt. Please please please don’t lose your bib number and don’t forget to wear your bib number to the race in the morning!

Directions to Start: The easiest way is to turn West on Kane Creek Road from Main Street, which is located on the South side of town near the Mc Donald’s. Follow Kane Creek Road into the canyon along the river for about 3 miles. The start/finish area is at the Kane Creek Parking Lot, which is where the pavement ends. Parking is just before this on the right and is signed with “Event Parking” signs. You may also take 500 West and turn right on Kane Creek Road if you are coming from the North side of town.

Race-Day Parking: Please park in the designated lots and allow an extra 5-10 min to walk to the start! Parking Lots are located on the North (right) side of Kane Creek Road. There will be signs and parking marshals to direct you. Do not park on the side of the road or you will be towed. It is just a short walk from the parking area to the check-in and start/finish area. Allow for a 5-15 min. walk. Please walk to the start on the far far right side of the road, single file!! The road is open to vehicles and the last thing we want is an accident before the race even starts…..

Wave Start Times: Saturday: 7:15am to 8:55am: Marathon and ½ Marathon, 9am Kids K, 9:15am-9:35am 5k. Sunday Half Marathon: 8am-8:30am.
Please do start according to your designated start wave which you choose during registration. You can also check your exact wave start time on the website, top right ‘button’ labeled ‘STARTLIST’. Your wave start time will also be on the label on the back of your bib. No wave changes on race day. Your finish time will be determined by the time your chip crosses the start/finish line. You will be penalized 30 minutes if you do not start with your assigned wave. The goal of the wave starts is to help spread out runners on the course and avoid congestion. If you start with your assigned wave everyone will be happy and have a nice experience on the beautiful, fun course! Note that we will announce the wave start times many many times at the start to make it easy for you all to start with your designated wave!

All the races will start at the Kane Creek Parking area, at the same location as the finish. There will be a Start Arch and sign. All participants will run towards the Pritchett Canyon entryway from the start arch, starting behind the start mat’s which will ‘read’ your chip (on your bib #) as you cross the line at the start. The 5k adventure run will start the same direction as the Full and Half, but will turn right up Kane Creek road for a short distance before turning onto the single track (there will be signs and marshals to guide you.)

Bring: Dress appropriately for the weather. It will be chilly in the morning, but should warm up as the day goes on. Your feet may get wet, so bring a dry pair of socks and shoes to change into. There will be a tarp and canopy with a “warmup drop” sign where you can leave your stuff before you start, and pick it up after (Please do not leave anything valuable. Label your bag with your name and/or race #. We are not liable for loss or damage…) Average for this time of year is for a low of 34 and high of 65. (Please check the weather closer to race date, as this may change!)

If you Do Not Start, but do pick up your bib; you MUST let us know. We will assume you started the race if you pick up your bib. If you do not finish we will assume you are lost out there and send out Search and Rescue, and you will be billed. Please tell race personnel or Call Nellie at 970-389-4838 (leave message) if you do not start the race! If you start but do not finish, please also let race personnel know (or again, we will assume something is wrong and send out S&R and you’ll be billed). Thank you!

Calling The Race Director: Feel free to call anytime with questions. Leave a message and I will call you back within a few days. I normally do not call back for questions that are already answered on the website. Also, if you call the week before the race or race day, I likely will not call you back until after the race; as I’ll be busy getting everything organized! Please read through and print out the info you need for race day before you leave home. Thanks for understanding!

Happy Training and See You in November! Call or email with questions: or 970-389-4838.

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