Moab Trail Marathon,
Half Marathon,
10K Adventure Run
and Kids K

Race Dates: November 2nd & 3rd, 2024.
Registration Opens March 1st, 2024.
2024 USATF Trail Half Marathon National Championships!
Host of the Collegiate Trail Running Championships 2024!

An unforgettable voyage through some of the world's most scenic and unique lands. Try it.

Refunds/Deferrals/Transfers/ and Switch-Distance Policies

Can’t make it?
Not quite in shape for the Full?
We realize and understand that things may come up in life such as injuries, illness, or other obligations. Here are our policies. If you can’t make it this year, we hope you can participate next year!

You can click on the “manage registration” tab of your registration confirmation email (if needed, you can get another confirmation email from your account) to take care of deferrals, transfers, switches, and any edits to your registration. For cancellations with refunds (see policy below) please send an email to the event coordinator at Please allow up to 2 weeks for the request to be taken care of. Thanks!

Optional Again in 2022: You may opt in for an insurance policy on when you register. You’ll need to confirm the details with the insurance company, as they are a separate entity from the race organization. It works such that you pay a fee upfront ($7 or $8 I think) and if you can’t make the race (due to injury, illness, pregnancy, work obligations, funeral, etc.—double check these!) then you get a refund of your entry fee minus the insurance fee, valid all the way up until race day (you will need to provide them with documentation). The phone number of the insurance company is: 1-888-497-6987 (Allianz Global). Please contact them directly with claims or questions. No, you can’t get refunded by the insurance company and also get refunded or deferred by/with the race organization…

If you don’t get the insurance, then these are your options:

Refund or Deferral:
We encourage you to defer your entry to next year if you can’t make it this year. There is a $12 deferral fee and you will be given a code to enter for next year. You may defer on the website using the ‘Manage Registration’ tab. You will need your confirmation number. You must take care of deferring at least 10 days prior to the event. No deferrals after Oct. 24th, 2022. See Why below.
If you want a refund: You may purchase the insurance on when you register, or you can use our (this) refund policy: Cancel before June 1st for a 70% refund. Cancel between June 1st and Aug. 15th for a 60% refund. Cancel between Aug. 16th-Oct. 1st for a 50% refund. No refunds after Oct. 1st, 2022. The admin fee is non-refundable. Email or to request a refund and allow 2 weeks for it to be processed. Refund % based on the date sent on the emailed request. No refunds after Oct. 1st. See Why below.

Transfer Your Entry to Another Person:
No Transfers after October 24th. $12 transfer fee plus any price difference if upgrading distances. No refund of the price difference if the transfer is to a shorter distance event, such as from Marathon to Half or 5k. You may transfer on the site using the “manage registration” tab. You will need
your confirmation number. If the race fills up first then you will need to send an email requesting the transfer to

Switching to a Different Distance:
You may switch from Marathon to Half or 5K, or vice-versa, and back again, and again…..if you wish. $5 fee per switch plus the price difference if upgrading to a longer distance. No refund of price difference if downgrading to a shorter distance. You may switch on the site using the ‘manage registration’ tab. You will need your confirmation number. Once the race fills up then you will need to email a distance switch request to

Why are there no refunds the month before the race and no transfers or deferrals 10 days before the race?:

There is more to a race than meets the eye. Several weeks before the race we have already paid for your insurance, t-shirt, permit fee’s (from 4 different government agencies and private property owners), medals, timing, goodie bag, and other event supplies. 12 days before the race we have
prepared your bib with your chip and ordered your aid station and finish line food and drinks, and have paid and trained our staff. It is hard to replace your spot 12 days before because those who might take your spot need more time to prepare for the race and travel; it’s too late for them to commit. Mostly
though, the 12 days before the race we are busy preparing the course and all the other logistics that go into making the race happen, so we don’t have time to ‘deal’ with last minute requests. Additionally, we can’t have you ‘just’ use another person’s bib; for safety reasons. Your bib/chip has your personal information that we need in case of an emergency (which on this course is taken very seriously) and also it’s not fair to those who care about their results (and WE care) when you don’t race as yourself. This is a National Championship with age-group titles at stake, so we will make effort to assure the results are accurate and that bibs are not illegally transferred. A race bib is not a ticket: you have signed up and signed a waiver to participate in a very difficult endeavor. The week before the race we always hear about a large number of injuries, funerals, horrible medical diagnosis’, weather issues, unforeseen work commitments, etc. We really are very sorry about these things, but please understand NOW, before you sign up, that these things can happen and you risk losing your entry fee. Please purchase the insurance through when you register if you foresee any reason you might not be able to make it! For example: Are you injury prone? Is your job/work unstable? Do you have a friend or relative in poor health? Might you get pregnant? Might your kids have a pending commitment? Vehicle in poor maintenance or possible poor road conditions getting to Moab? Ask yourself these questions and spend the extra on insurance if your answer is yes! And know that our options and policies are much much more generous than most other races…. Thanks for understanding!


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