Suggested Qualifying Times and Cutoffs:

The Moab Trail Marathon and Half Marathon are considered challenging courses and not recommended for beginners or those who are inexperienced. It is a trail run, not a walk. There are sections where you are “out there” in the ‘wilds of canyon county’ for long distances. If you don’t have experience hiking long distances or running marathons, or if you plan on walking all or most of the course, do not enter this race!

We suggest the following qualifying times for a road or ‘easy’ trail race:

Finished a marathon under 5.5 hours.
Finished a half marathon under 3 hours.
Finished a trail race over 10 miles in the top 70% of the field.

We don’t want to deter anyone interested in participating, but we also don’t want to put our crew or any participants at risk. Cutoff times are posted below, as a guide, but NOTE: Cutoff times may change and we may cut you off anywhere along the course at anytime depending on either weather or if our medical staff deems it necessary. If we cut you off please don’t argue or complain; it is for your safety and our crew’s sanity and safety. We do want to see everyone succeed. We hope to maintain our high finish rate and our 100% safety record. Thanks for understanding.

Cutoffs= You have the listed amount of time to get to listed locations:

½ Marathon and Marathon: Mile 9.7, aid station #2: 3.5 hours from your start time.
Marathon: Mile 13.3, aid station #3: 4 hours from your start time.
Marathon: Mile 17.3, aid station #4: 5.5 hours from your start time.
Marathon: Mile 20.7, aid station #5: 6.75 hours from your start time.
*Note that you must leave the aid station and be on course within these times.
*If you miss the cutoff you will either catch a ride by race staff or walk along the side of the dirt road directly to the finish; depending on your health and desire.
*Marathoners at aid station #4, mile 18, you may be required to take (by foot or 4×4) a short-cut to the finish if medical staff deem you ‘unfit’ to continue on the race-route, regardless of your pace.

Finish Cutoffs: To be eligible for finishers mug or medal.

Half Marathon: finish under 5.5 hrs
Marathon: finish under 8.5 hrs
10K: finish under 3.5 hrs

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